Bring your LAN up to light speed

Save money, save space, go greener, and boost the performance of your organization with Optical LAN.

Meet Optical LAN

Say hello to lower costs and better performance
Most Ethernet-over-copper local area networks in use today rely on 30-year old technology. Sure, they’re managing to keep up – just – but not for much longer. Meet Optical LAN, a LAN for your future, not a chain to the past.

The best for your business

The power of fiber to the desktop
The high performance of Optical LAN brings operational simplicity, cost savings and military-grade security. Learn more about Nokia’s solution and how organizations around the world are already enjoying the benefits.

How much could you save?

Calculate the TCO for your LAN options
Networking equipment. Cabling. Maintenance. Energy. Floor space. Everywhere you look, Optical LAN saves both capital and operating expenditure. Calculate how much your organization could save by switching to Optical LAN.