Enterprise It decision makers are familiar with 5G and many are using it, but more education is still needed

The majority (65%) of IT decision-makers are familiar with 5G. One-third (34%) are already using 5G and almost all are highly satisfied with its speed, capacity, and responsiveness. In many cases, CSPs positioning 5G-enabled services will be pushing on an open door. A large minority (30%), however, said they need more information about what 5G can do for their organization before starting to plan. This lack of information is the second biggest barrier to adoption after lack of 5G coverage

47% are making plans to deploy 5G

Not only are IT professionals familiar with 5G, nearly half the decision-makers we surveyed said their organizations are planning for 5G now. Increased coverage combined with industry buzz” from 5G-enabled products have sparked their imagination. A shift to remote and automated working prompted by COVID-19 is likely to increase interest.

Video monitoring is the most appealing use case

Of the five use cases we tested, IT professionals rated video most appealing – even above pure connectivity services like enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) and 5G fixed wireless access (FWA). Most are already using video for monitoring, and can easily imagine how 5G can bring together higher quality streaming and advanced video analytics to enable real-time detection of faces, objects, risks and incidents.

Energy and manufacturing are leading the way

Energy and manufacturing firms are most interested in 5G, and are exploring its potential for advanced use cases including drone-based video surveillance, remote machine control, and cloud robotics. The impact of COVID-19 may be felt here and in other industries, as companies accelerate the transition to remote and automated operations.

CSPs have an opportunity to become trusted advisers

Most respondents said they would look to a mobile operator for guidance as they draw up their 5G deployment plan, which is good news for CSPs looking to diversify beyond connectivity into industry services. Systems integrators also scored highly on this question, though, so CSPs will remain challenged. Acquiring industry expertise and insight, and developing an ecosystem of partners will help CSPs better compete and win.

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