Teleprotection over packet networks

How to support existing protection and control systems and enable future evolutions over packet networks

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What are Teleprotection, differential protection and the basic principles of operation?

How to understand the telecom network requirements of Teleprotection and address these with packet technologies.

What are the available options to migrate to MPLS and what is involved?

Real-world instances of Teleprotection systems over IP/MPLS and validated relays.

What are the future directions of protection and control?

Power Utilities are managing one of the most critical assets of our times: Electricity.

In order to ensure that the power grid is always on, power utilities put systems in place that continuously monitor the electrical infrastructure and provide information about the state of the power grid at key points in the network. These systems are designed to help protect the power grid against failures and avoid cascading of problems through the grid. One of the key systems that help power utilities protect their grid is called the teleprotection system.

This interactive book will provide you some insights into this application, how it works and how it works in a telecommunications network.

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