Title: Real Talk - The Power of Openness

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Open the door to innovation with #NoBoundaries

CSPs have been sharing infrastructure and leveraging cloud technology for more than 10 years. And while openness is key to creating innovative services, smarter business models and better customer experiences, just 8% of telecoms executives strongly agree it will be critical to their success going forward. Join the “father of open innovation”, Professor and Faculty Director Henry Chesbrough, TM Forum’s CTO George Glass, Axel Menneking, VP Incubation & Venturing of Deutsche Telekom, Brian Partridge, Research Director at 451 Research and other experts for an honest discussion about the power of openness and the key principles CSPs can’t afford to ignore as they create a future with #NoBoundaries for their customers and industry partners.

From open innovation to open business models
Henry Chesbrough, Faculty Director, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, University of California, Berkeley
Openness is one of the top industry buzzwords. Now it’s time to go from talk to action. In this revealing keynote, Henry Chesbrough, affectionately known as the “father of open innovation”, explains why openness is more important than ever to unlocking innovation. Drawing on insights, research and best practices from various industries, he shares ways to overcome common challenges and break down barriers for more open business models in telecoms.

Open for business: is there a future in telecoms without openness? 
Openness isn’t just about technology — it can also drive strategic business decisions. Now is the perfect time to talk about how our industry can push beyond the boundaries of our current thinking in this space. Join our panelists for a conversation on the key success factors that have helped CSPs such as Deutsche Telekom turn open innovation into real business success. They’ll explore the links between openness and value creation, how to measure the business impact of openness, where the telecoms industry is today in its openness journey, and more.


  • Henry Chesbrough, Faculty Director, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, University of California, Berkeley
  • Axel Menneking, VP, Start-up Incubation & Venturing, Deutsche Telekom
  • Chris Jones, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Nokia

Open to possibilities: driving future industry innovation

Momentum is building for open APIs, open RAN and more. The challenge is turning a technical conversation into a commercial one — and to see openness as the gateway to a world of innovation possibilities. Join our panelists for an insightful discussion on the principles of openness (open forums, open interfaces, open ecosystems, open culture). We explore why CSPs need to embrace these principals, allowing application developers to help build new services for them, and to establish the necessary partnerships and business models required for 5G monetization.


  • George Glass, CTO, TM Forum
  • Brian Partridge, Research Director, 451 Research
  • Kurt Pynaert, Head of End-to-End SDAN Solutions and Bell Labs Fellow, Nokia
  • Pasi Toivanen, Head of RAN Edge Cloud Platforms, Nokia

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Henry Chesbrough
Faculty Director
Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, University of California, Berkeley

George Glass
TM Forum

Axel Menneking
VP, Start-up Incubation & Venturing
Deutsche Telekom

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Research Director
451 Research

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