Title: Doing business in a 5G world

Date: On Demand

Duration: 1 hour

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Doing business in a 5G world

With 5G experience expectations flying so high, how will you ensure you deliver extraordinary experiences to your customers and stay profitable? What business models should you consider and how can you differentiate yourself in the market? Join us to talk about marketing, selling and supporting services in the 5G era.

Topics Covered

  • The different aspects of customer experience and how to make it amazing

  • Business models and 5G - what options should I consider?

  • Pricing and personalization for 5G early adopters

  • Supporting services in the 5G era

  • Business argumentation for investing in experience

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Rich Crowe
Head of Digital Experience Marketing

Rich Crowe is a marketing leader with a passion for helping service providers use analytics and AI to transform their customer relationships, create new revenue opportunities and ensure the service experience is delightful. That passion includes caring for the growing numbers of IoT connected things and always seeking to make technology relevant to customers.

Steffen Paulus
Head of Monetization Marketing

Steffen Paulus is currently Head of Monetization Product Marketing at Nokia. Over the last 25+ years, Steffen has held various technical, PLM and Marketing roles related to telecoms software at Nortel, Syndesis, Subex and Alcatel-Lucent. Steffen has a degree in Computer Science and Telecommunications from the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany and is based in Toronto, Canada.

Shelley Schlueter
Head of Storytelling

Shelley is the Head of Storytelling at Nokia, focusing on content strategy and evangelizing Nokia’s messages to the market. Having held a wide variety of IT, engineering and marketing roles throughout her career, Shelley has always been committed to close collaboration across teams to drive the business forward and create better ways of working for everyone. Her off hours are full of camping, yoga and roller skating with the family.

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