Title: Trends, challenges and evolution of Internet peering

Date: May 29, 2019

Time: On Demand

Duration: 1 hour

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Trends, challenges and evolution of Internet peering

With over 20 billion connected devices worldwide, peering interconnections play an essential role in providing the performance end users demand. Despite how critical it is, network peering has not kept pace with private and public peering, making it difficult to ‘get right’. The increasingly unpredictable nature of today’s internet traffic, including devastating cyber-attacks, is pushing communications service providers (CSPs), enterprises and webscale companies to reconsider their peering strategy.

Consulting firm ACG Research has published a new paper on IP peering, its trends, challenges and how it has and will continue to evolve. It is in collaboration with ACG’s Principal Analyst, Paul Parker-Johnson, that we will expand upon the ideas presented in the paper during a live webinar on May 29th: Advances and Investments in Internet Peering.

This webinar will lay out a comprehensive, first-hand peering perspective based on interviews ACG Research conducted with Internet and communication service providers, transit service providers and internet content providers. We will deep dive into urgent and future-looking network peering limitations and challenges, while also identifying opportunities and prescriptions that better align network peering with the needs of modern application service delivery.

Topics Covered

  • The critical role of Internet peering

  • Challenges and limitations in today’s peering

  • Networking Investments that can help transform internet peering

  • Bringing the pieces together for superior peering engineering and security

  • Use cases

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Peter Moyer
Consulting engineer

Pete has in-depth expertise in IP routing, MPLS technologies, data center architectures and large service provider backbones. He also provides consulting expertise in adjacent technologies; such as SDN, segment routing and EVPN. He holds expert level industry certifications from multiple networking vendors and has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Paul Parker-Johnson (PJ)
Principal Analyst

PJ leads ACG’s cloud computing and data center virtualization market research and consulting practice. His work examines market sizes, innovations and trends in cloud computing, service delivery platforms, and the virtualization technologies that enable them. PJ brings his trademark analytic skills to bear on developments in virtual computing, cloud services software, service orchestration, network simplification and related enablers of cloud computing services. In-depth market segmentation and sizing is complemented by point topics research on innovations, early adopter use cases, and factors critical to success in developing platforms and services for the cloud.

Gary Holland
Marketing Director - Moderator

With more than 25 years’ experience in telco, Gary has held senior roles in corporate, portfolio and product marketing, partner and business development and product line management with technology companies. He brings a combination of marketing, partner development and technology expertise to his current role at Nokia.

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