Nokia 2024 Industrial Digitalization report

ROI of industrial use cases, private wireless and industrial edge

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45% of the organizations are leveraging private wireless to support more use cases than planned when first deployed.

100% of enterprises expanded private wireless networks use or deployed them within another location and 78% reported positive ROI in six months.

65% of respondents stated >10% improvement in worker safety and 79% reported significant emissions reduction (>10%).

39% of enterprises with a private wireless have since deployed on-premise edge technology, with 52% planning to do so.


This report is based on research among 100 early adopters or private wireless networks, Industrial edge, devices and applications. It shows the benefits in terms of productivity, TCO, worker safety, sustainability etc. as well as the use cases to deploy to achieve these benefits. The study was conducted by GlobalData to gauge industry progress in manufacturing, transportation and energy industries in countries including Australia, France, Japan, UK and US.

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