Combine the power of Wi-Fi and private wireless with MX Boost

Industrial multi-layer connectivity explained

MX Boost provides powerful industrial multi-layer connectivity for extremely high network performance that helps to maximize operational uptime, productivity and worker safety. In this demonstration, we explain two of the three MX Boost modes in more detail and how different connectivity technologies can be combined to meet your extreme use case requirements. Download the demo video to discover:

A deep dive into MX Boost Aggregation, for exponential data capacity

A deep dive into MX Boost Replication, for ultra-high reliability


By combining the considerable capacity benefits of Wi-Fi and the mission-critical capabilities of private wireless into a single wireless connectivity system, you can use the best attributes of both technologies, so applications with even the most extreme requirements perform at their expected thresholds.

With Nokia MX Boost you get a powerful solution that combines different connectivity technologies – including legacy Wi-Fi – into a single, optimized wireless connectivity system to ensure frictionless, future-proof performance across all your IT and OT applications.

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