State Profiles

A concise review of volume 1 & 2 initial proposals for BEAD funding by state

All prospective BEAD applicants need to understand what it takes to win in the state(s) in which they plan to apply. Our state profiles provide a quick and easy-to-digest summary of what it will take to win in each state.

Understand the step-by-step timeline from determining the eligible locations to announcing awards

Explore a detailed summary of application requirements

Realize each state’s scoring criteria and the weight assigned to each criterion

Prepare yourself to win!

More state profiles will be added each week

Check back often!

BEAD funding will be critical to connecting every American and the time to act is now! Some state application windows will only be open for as little as 2 weeks - and the work to prepare your application will take months...regardless of which state you're applying in. Don't miss your opportunity to connect your community, inspire your customers, and shape your future!

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