White Paper

Quantum-Safe networks: today and into the future

Nokia's solution blueprints for creating quantum-safe networks

Download the White Paper to discover how quantum-safe networks enable:

Data Confidentiality: Protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access, disclosure or use

Integrity: Protecting data from theft or corruption in-transit across the network

User and end-point authentication: Protects access to systems that manage encryption keys or related systems


As quantum computing advances, it poses a significant cybersecurity threat. Most communication systems rely on encryption to safeguard data, but they're susceptible to future attacks by quantum computers. Quantum computers can perform calculations much faster than traditional ones, enabling cybercriminals to break current encryption methods and launch unprecedented cyber-attacks.

Infrastructure decision-makers must act now to assess vulnerabilities in their networks. Nokia's Quantum-Safe Networks offer a solution by facilitating secure key exchange for data encryption. This paper explores existing threats, countermeasures, and emerging technologies that collectively create a quantum-safe, long-term defense strategy.

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