Experience the ground-breaking industrial multimedia solution
Nokia RXRM is a new software that opens up the possibilities of real-time multimedia in industrial use cases. The low-latency, low bandwidth 360° video and spatial 3D audio increases the accuracy of what users see—and the speed with which they see it. Ultra-HD streaming allows truly immersive experiences that will redefine the ways in which people work together in the industrial metaverse. Nokia RXRM can be applied to various use cases in transforming enterprises in their digital journey. Use cases such as situational awareness, remote technical support and teleoperation can be implemented in multiple industries. RXRM delivers enhanced productivity and operational efficiency, improves employee safety and allows more sustainable operational processes.

Topics covered

The key functionalities of RXRM 360° multimedia, and how it differs from traditional solutions.

RXRM use cases for several industrial applications through powerful demos.

Business benefits: how does RXRM improve productivity, operational efficiency, safety and sustainability.



Tuomas Korpela

Business Development Senior Manager


Tuomas is an experienced business leader who understands customers and how their needs can be addressed. Tuomas has extensive experience working with Nokia solutions and with other pioneering and ground-breaking innovations.


Ismo Aikomus

Customer Operations Specialist


Ismo is responsible for RXRM customer implementations and technically savvy in making customer-specific configurations that best solve the customer needs. Ismo is a technical expert with background in immersive audio and industrial audio solutions.






Original Air Date: 2023-10-24

Duration: 30 minutes



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