Agile data center fabric

Where power utility OT meets the cloud

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How the OT cloud can power the journey to energy transition

What makes the OT cloud a key part of the adaptive grid infrastructure

Why the OT cloud needs a resilient, agile data center fabric

How the Nokia Data Center Fabric solution meets the demands of OT cloud

Use data centers and clouds to build an adaptive smart grid

Utilities are stepping up their digitalization efforts to create adaptive smart grids that can tackle decarbonization, decentralization and disruptive events. Clouds and data centers can play key roles in these new grids by enabling mission-critical operational technology (OT) applications to exchange data with physical grid assets in support of automated monitoring and control.

Nokia utility OT cloud networking helps utilities realize their digital ambitions faster with an open, automated data center fabric that reliably connects physical grid assets with OT applications in the cloud. Learn how our solution can accelerate your digital transformation and make your grid more sustainable, flexible and resilient.

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