White Paper

Empowering next-generation railways with 5G/FRMCS

Key FRMCS market research findings and recommendations for railways

Download the White Paper for a deeper dive into FRMCS:

Factors driving interest in capabilities that FRMCS will deliver

Strategic business outcomes railways are looking to realize by investing in FRMCS

Challenges to FRMCS adoption

Recommendations on how to successfully design and deploy FRMCS

Now is the perfect time to explore the art-of-the-possible and make FRMCS an enabler of digital transformation. Railways that invest in FRMCS can improve operational efficiency, increase capacity utilization, enhance safety, and grow revenues.

This market intelligence research on the future of railways includes a survey of executives and director-level decision makers, and in-depth interviews with senior leaders of railway operators, railway OEMs and mobile network operators.

Key findings, insights and recommendations are included to help guide forward-thinking railways as they explore the benefits of technology-enabled transformation with FRMCS.

To learn more about how Nokia can help Railways harness the exponential power of networks using FRMCS, visit our FRMCS website.

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