Empowering next generation railways with 5G/FRMCS


Empowering next generation railways with 5G/FRMCS
For new insights into the future of railways, join our on-demand webinar and get a deeper look at the International Data Corporation (IDC) research findings.

International Data Corporation (IDC) research has examined how next-generation connectivity infrastructure can empower railways to transform the passenger experience, grow revenues, improve operational efficiency, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Its focus was on the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) – a key enabler of digitalization – and included both a survey and in-depth qualitative interviews with executives from European and Australian railway operators, railway infrastructure authorities, and rolling stock OEMs regarding 5G-enabled FRMCS investment programs.

Topics covered

Key research findings in factors driving interest in critical mobile communications capabilities

Accelerating benefit realisation, by re-designing organisational processes and mindsets, and partnering with technology providers.

Investing in new critical communication infrastructure to reduce the total cost of ownership, increase interoperability and unleash business innovation

Recommendations on how to successfully design and implement strategic business outcomes from FRMCS



Karsten Oberle

Head of Rail


Karsten received the Dipl.-Ing. (FH) degree in communications engineering from the University of Applied Sciences “Fachhochschule für Technik” Mannheim, Germany, in 1998. In the same year, he joined the Alcatel Research Center in Stuttgart. As Head of Rail, he is responsible for expanding Nokia’s business in the railway sector with a current focus on the future of rail communication (e.g. FRMCS, 5G), cyber-security for railways and analytics.

Massimiliano (Max) Claps

Research Director
International Data Corporation (IDC)


Max is the Research Director in European IDC Government Insights team. His research empowers technology suppliers and public sector professionals to embrace disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, edge computing, and cloud, to realise the benefits of strategic initiatives such as smart cities and citizen-centric government services. Max has 20 years of public sector experience, and he is also IDC Europe’s lead analyst for passenger transportation.

Pierre Cotelle

Telecom Networks Solution Director


Pierre Cotelle has built his experience in the telecom industry during 12 years, mainly within NORTEL in France and abroad. He joined ALSTOM 16 years ago to set-up the Networks & Telecom department in charge to build and deliver solutions for the Railway and Urban Rail segments. He contributes to the ALSTOM transformation by introducing new telecom technologies for the benefit of rail digitalisation, through advanced research, R&D programs and tendering activities. He has introduced the LTE technology for signaling and digital services since 2014 and now focus on 5G/FRMCS as the following step.



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