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The metaverse at work
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Nokia and EY bring you a first look at how companies are navigating the industrial and enterprise metaverses

Are the industrial and enterprise metaverses primed for take-off? What use cases should I consider deploying now within my organization? What are the critical enabling technologies I should care about? Get the answers to these questions by reading our exclusive research report.

Together with EY, Nokia surveyed over 850 business leaders across six countries and four vertical industries to examine, in depth, the state of the industrial and enterprise metaverses today. You might be surprised to learn that 58% of companies with plans to enter the metaverse have already deployed or piloted at least one metaverse use case. And on average, 80% of experienced respondents believe that the industrial use cases tested will have a significant or even transformative impact on the way they do business.

Download the report and get all the insights:

Where the enterprise and industrial metaverse is headed

Top use cases, within key verticals

The benefits companies are experiencing

Key challenges to deployment

The critical technical enablers

And more…

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