Enabling Next-Gen Port Terminal Automation with LTE/5G Private Wireless


With port terminals looking to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity, new automation systems based on remote controlled, freely-ranging container handling equipment such as automated straddle carriers, are allowing more moves per hour and increased competitiveness through reducing cost per move.

Central to the success of remote-controlled operations is wireless connectivity. Existing communications technologies such as Wi-Fi are challenged to meet reliability and coverage demands in dynamic physical environments, and often hinder the deployment of new automation systems. Private wireless networks based on LTE and 5G are the key to unlocking new productivity gains.

This webinar aims to explore these issues and more, and will bring together senior stakeholders from across the industry to deep dive into the reliability benefits private LTE/5G provides, as well as the predictable wireless infrastructure needed to serve the whole terminal area securely via the Profinet / Profisafe protocols.


Topics covered

Challenges of existing wireless technologies

Creating the wireless foundation for automation and digitalisation with LTE/5G

Latest innovations in automation and remote control

Real-life example of an automation implementation supported by private LTE



Matthias Jablonowski

Head of Maritime


Matthias Jablonowski is Head of Maritime at Nokia and leads its ports program. Being intrigued by the opportunities of connected technologies and digital transformation, he works with port authorities and terminal operators on Port 4.0 and terminal automation projects as they embark on their smart ports journeys. Matthias has been instrumental in the expansion of Nokia into the Transportation industry.

Pekka Yli-Paunu

Director, Research


Pekka Yli-Paunu has a background from automation research in VTT and from factory automation/robotics projects. Pekka has started his career in Kalmar in 2003, and has worked in various automation R&D management roles. Currently, Pekka is focusing on automation applied research projects and building technology strategy and roadmap for coming years.





Title: Enabling Next-Gen Port Terminal Automation with LTE/5G Private Wireless

Time: On demand

Duration: 1 hour


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