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Gen Z and the metaverse – country insights

What draws Gen Z – the leaders of tomorrow - to the metaverse and what could it mean for the future?

Our global research study provides insights into the things that really matter to Gen Z in the developing metaverse. Now our five country-specific reports highlight what matters most in each market. Benefit from context, highlights, and comparisons:

South Korea - leading the metaverse charge

Brazil – interested in its future potential

UAE – excited by investment opportunities

UK – focused on new virtual experiences

USA – intent on socialization and experimentation

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Brazil, South Korea and UAE are also available in local language.

The metaverse is best understood by those that already use it and who will undoubtedly shape its future – Gen Z. Born between 1996 and 2012, Gen Z are coming of age as the first generation to grow up fully connected by technology. This has shaped how they interact, communicate, and view the world unlike any generation which came before.

To investigate how Gen Z currently live, work, play, and socialize in the metaverse - as well as how they might do this in the future - Nokia partnered with Ipsos to undertake a robust three-stage research project across five markets: Brazil, South Korea, UAE, UK, USA. Country-specific insight, analysis and case studies are now available to download.

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