White paper

LTE/5G pervasive industrial wireless and the digital transformation of port terminals

Make terminal operations smarter with robust and reliable wireless connectivity

Learn how private 4.9G/LTE and 5G networks can help terminal operators:

Simplify the digital transformation of terminal operations

Consolidate mission- and business critical communications on one platform

Increase automation and productivity

Reduce capital and operational costs

Optimize processes and performance in real time

Building a network for the all-digital port terminal

Volatile markets, shifting routes and larger vessels are pressuring terminal operators to find new ways to boost agility and reduce turnaround times. Many are looking to digital technologies such as IoT, analytics and machine learning to increase automation and reduce cost. To get full value from digital technologies, operators need communications networks that can reliably support all the new use cases they will enable.

Terminal operators can ensure a successful digital transformation by consolidating terminal communications on one secure and reliable wireless network. Private 4.9G/LTE and 5G technologies are the best choices for this network because they meet the demands of current and future digital applications. This paper explores the features and characteristics of these industrial-strength wireless networks and explains how they will ease the transition to the all-digital terminal.

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