Title: Increasing Smart Port digitalization with 5G private wireless networks

Time: On demand

Duration: 1 hour

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For ports, going digital is going smart.

In response to the rising demands of cargo volume and vessels size in catching up with the global trading hubs, port terminals are looking to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity. Meanwhile, port authorities must also ensure that they remain attractive by enhancing their smart port journey with the availability of critical infrastructure.

New automation systems based on remote-controlled, freely ranging container handling equipment are allowing more moves per hour and increased competitiveness by reducing cost per move. Therefore, bringing connectivity and technologies to transportation equals allowing the existing assets to achieve the ultimate harmony in operating.

Existing communications technologies such as Wi-Fi are challenged to meet reliability and coverage demands in dynamic physical environments, and often hinder the deployment of new automation systems. Private wireless networks based on LTE and 5G are the key to unlocking new productivity gains.

This webinar will explore how Cellnex and Nokia can help you lay the foundation for your smart port automation and digitalization journey thanks to wireless technologies and leading-edge use cases supported by private wireless.

Topics Covered
  • The generation of productivity and business-critical strategies given by Private Wireless Networks

  • Private Networks enable spatial efficiency, operational transparency, and technological advancements for Ports

  • Collaborative supply chain synergies for Ports ecosystems brought by ground-breaking use cases

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Stephane Vergnault
Head of Sales, Transportation

Stephane Vergnault is Nokia Digital Industry Transportation Head of Sales within Nokia Enterprise leading the Maritime Europe ports digitalization sales program. Being intrigued by the opportunities of connected technologies and digital transformation, he works with port authorities and terminal operators on Port 4.0 automation projects, rolling out dedicated LTE/5G networks and deploying use cases with strong business benefits as ports embark on their smart ports journeys. Stephane is based out of Brittany, France.

Catherine Gull
Head of Sales
Cellnex UK

Catherine has held senior positions in the telecoms and technology in the USA, UK and Europe for the past 20 years. Over the last eight years Catherine has worked on Private Mobile Networks projects ranging from manufacturing to ports and airports. In addition to bringing the best of 5G innovation to industry and the public sector, Catherine’s work on the board of the Kay Mason Foundation, which funds high school scholarships for impoverished children in South Africa, has given her a renewed passion for using 5G to help to bridge the digital divide that exists in the UK today.

Andy Bullen
UK Ports

Andy has 25 years experience engaged in the UK and international port and maritime sectors. As a publisher working with many maritime organizations and through UK-ports.org he has gained an insight into the wide variety of port operators and the challenges they face. Committed to promoting the sector, Andy sees his role as raising awareness and facilitating engagement between ports, users, suppliers, staff and stakeholders

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Adhish Luitel
Senior Analyst
ABI Research

Adhish Luitel, Senior Analyst at ABI Research, provides global supply chain management research coverage, including warehousing, logistics, retail technologies, and multi-modal service models. He leads research on emerging areas such as mobile and collaborative robotics, wearable technologies, material handling automation, digitization, and Robotics as a Service (RaaS). Prior to joining ABI Research, Adhish worked as a Gas Markets Analyst at RBAC. He has more than four years of experience creating data regression models, using predictive data modeling, crafting data mining algorithms, and delivering insights and action-oriented solutions to complex business problems.