Title: Nokia presentations from the Arab Mining Convention

Time: On Demand

Duration: 1 hour

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Listen to Nokia presentations from the Arab Mining Convention. With the Arab mining industry witnessing a phase of unprecedented development with recent policy and regulatory reforms in many Arab nations, the Arab Mining Convention (February 24-26, 2021) provided a virtual platform for businesses interested particularly in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Morocco, Jordan, UAE, Sudan and Egypt’s prodigious mining markets.

Topics Covered
  • Bringing 4G and 5G wireless technology to mining networks

  • Making the Arab mining and O&G sector benefit from Industry 4.0

  • Leveraging digitalization to revolutionize mining

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Marc Jadoul
Strategic Marketing Director, Enterprise

Gary Conway
Head of Energy Sales, Middle East and Africa

Dr. Muneer Zuhdi
Nokia Bell Labs Consulting

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