Title: Putting Industry 4.0 to Work

Time: On demand

Duration: 90 minutes

Audio Translation available in: Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, French, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian)

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Breaking through roadblocks with #NoBoundaries

There’s a good reason why the Industry 4.0 hype cycle has been in overdrive for years: digitalized processes and operations are now “table stakes” if enterprises across all industries are to stay competitive. Yet while many companies have ramped up their investments in digitalization over the past two years, questions still remain. Will those investments continue post-pandemic? Have those investments paid off? What might be holding companies back from fully embracing Industry 4.0? What can we learn from their experiences?

Join our experts as they assess the current state of Industry 4.0 — and offer compelling insights into how common roadblocks can be overcome as we work to build a future with #NoBoundaries.

Moderator: Amber Mac
Nokia host: Chris Johnson, VP, Global Head of Enterprise, Nokia

Topics covered

Finding the right balance with Industry 4.0
Henrik von Scheel, 'father of Industry 4.0'
How do the principles of a global industrial revolution get translated into the day-to-day realities of running a business? That’s the question to be explored in this engaging keynote presentation. Get fresh thinking and practical advice on how companies are achieving the right balance between long-term perspective and short-term goals needed for Industry 4.0 success.

Solving Data and AI challenges for Industry 4.0
Everyone has heard that “data is the new oil” — and just as oil must be carefully extracted and refined, it takes real effort to uncover the true value of data. Join our panel for an insightful conversation on why data must be a key component of any digitalization strategy, covering topics such as careful consideration of the data you need and where to find it, data collection and transport, data analysis and modeling.


  • Christophe Bejina, CIO, Alcatel Submarine Networks
  • Aleksander Poniewierski, Partner, Global Digital and Emerging Technology Leader, EY Technology Consulting
  • James Zhang, VP of Market Development, PTC
  • Tuuli Ahava, Director, Application Program, Nokia

Taming the Industry 4.0 ecosystem
A successful Industry 4.0 implementation requires strong alignment across people, processes, and technology. Getting real business value requires more than just implementing technology — it’s about creating and managing an ecosystem of partners so that business processes can be more effective and efficient. In this session, our expert panelists discuss how to lower the barriers to orchestrating a winning digitalization ecosystem.


  • Michael Weller, Managing Partner, Verizon Business
  • Stéphane Sireau, VP High-Tech Industry, Dassault Systèmes
  • Benjamin Brillat, Global Domain Leader, Wireless/5G and Edge Computing, Kyndryl
  • Rob Marson, Head of Business Strategy, Nokia

Topics Covered
  • Finding the right balance with Industry 4.0

  • Data in the industrial environment

  • Taming the Industry 4.0 ecosystem

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