Title: IEC 61850: The foundation for intelligent grid automation

Time: On demand

Duration: 1 hour

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The IEC 61850 standard provides a communication architecture that supports a host of automation use cases within substations and across the grid.

Watch this 60-minute session to learn how IEC 61850 can help utilities build smarter, more automated grids. Our experts discuss the testing, communication and time synchronization requirements of IEC 61850 and explain how it can help utilities embrace the virtualized world.

Topics Covered
  • History, evolution and current state of adoption of IEC 61850

  • Testing needs of IEC 61850, with a focus on power system protection

  • Communications needs of IEC 61850 in substations, mission-critical WANs and FANs

  • Evolving IEC 61850 communications for substation virtualization

Resource library: IEC 61850 explained for communications, protection and virtualization

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Andrea Bonetti
Senior Specialist, Relay Protection and IEC 61850

Dominique Verhulst
Global Head of Utilities Vertical

Hansen Chan
IP Product Marketing Manager

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