Title: Real Talk - A Sustainable Future

Date: On Demand

Duration: 90 minutes

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CSPs play a central role in tackling the global climate crisis. Digital connectivity and technologies provide low carbon solutions that help other industries decarbonize. They also unleash exponential innovation of services and business models that enable a sustainable future. Steven Moore, GSMA’s Head of Climate Action, and John Elkington, an award winning authority on sustainability, explore how digital technologies ensure there are #NoBoundaries to innovation for a sustainable future. 

Enabling industry pathways to net zero 
Steven Moore, Head of Climate Action, GSMA 

How can CSPs reduce their carbon emissions and help other industries decarbonize too? Steven Moore draws on the global perspective of the GSMA as well as his own personal background in environmental technology to shed light on the answers. Get his take on how the actions required and hear how digital technology and mobile have become a powerful platform for industrial and commercial sustainability. 

How sustainability can use digital technology for exponential innovation 
John Elkington, Award-winning sustainability authority, and Founder of Volans   

The accelerating convergence between digital and sustainability agendas is a vitally important enabler of both environmental change and economic prosperity. But as John Elkington is quick to point out, responsibility for change is needed now. Businesses will need resilient and regenerative operating models and shared value business models to take the path to lasting  success. 

Redefining  value - the business strategies for a sustainable future 

Why is the shift to a circular economy so critical — and how can companies make the transition while ensuring their business success? Join our panelists as they dig into these questions and more, uncovering novel ways CSPs can make sustainability an integral part of their strategy and turn it into a business advantage. 


  • John Elkington, Award-winning sustainability authority, and Founder of Volans   
  • Chris Talbott, Sustainability Lead, Google 
  • Pia Tanskanen, Head of Environment, Nokia 

Topics Covered
  • Roads to net zero

  • Towards circular economy

  • Panel discussion

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Steven Moore
Head of Climate Action

John Elkington
Award-winning sustainability authority, and Founder of Volans

Chris Talbott
Sustainability Lead
Google Cloud

Pia Tanskanen
Head of Environment

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