Title: Nokia and Sennheiser joint Webinar: Low Latency 5G for Professional Audio Transmission

Time: On demand

Duration: 60 minutes

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Low-latency, high-quality professional audio transmission over 5G is quickly becoming a reality, making 5G a viable technology for live musical performances.

Nowadays musicians at large-scale professional events require a streaming latency of below 4 milliseconds from a microphone to an in-ear monitoring system to minimize audio delay. A lot needs to happen within those 4ms. Besides audio processing time, the system needs to account for both directions of the wireless transmission. That means each separate data steam must be transmitted in under 1ms. 

Nokia and Sennheiser research teams have examined the problem of latency when using a wireless IP network for transmission of isochronous audio data within a professional production environment. During the webinar we will present the results of Nokia’s and Sennheiser’s testbed, which shows that 5G is capable of meeting the strict latency requirements of audio Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE). Today, there is no such standardized wireless technology on the market. Therefore, there is high interest in whether 5G will fulfil this need.

Learn about the new opportunities that the 5G can offer for the entertainment and media industry with the ultra-reliable and low-latency audio transmission

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Dr Seppo Hämäläinen
Principal Innovator
Nokia Bell Labs

Dr. Seppo Hämäläinen is an experienced research, technology and innovation manager with extensive international experience. Currently he is with Nokia Bell Labs in Finland where he is working as Principal Innovator. He started his career in Nokia in 1993, and he has been working in different research, and research management roles in Nokia Research Center, Nokia Siemens Network and Nokia Mobile Networks in China and Finland. During 2014 - 2017 he working with Ooredoo Group in Qatar, where his focus was in self-organizing networks. In his current role he identifies emerging technologies for new innovation projects, demonstrators and proof-of-concepts.

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Dr Jan Duerre
Research Engineer

Dr. Jan Dürre received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Leibniz University Hannover in 2019. During his time at the Institute of Microelectronic Systems in Hannover, he focused on digital signal processing, networking and system design topics related to audio and video processing systems. In 2018 he joined the Research & Innovation Department of Sennheiser working in the Wireless Systems & Networks group on novel wireless and wired audio / audio-network applications and respective prototypes.

Norbert Werner
Research Engineer

Norbert Werner, research engineer in Sennheiser’s wireless and network research team. He joined Sennheiser 6 years ago after receiving his master’s degree in electrical engineering and information technology from the Leibniz University Hannover in Germany. His expertise is in the field of low latency audio streaming and wireless technologies. In this context Norbert has worked on multiple public-funded research projects like LIPS and 5G RECORDS.

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Francesca Sartori
Principal Solution Architect

Francesca works as a Principal Solution Architect at Nokia. Thanks to almost 30 years of telecoms experience, covering ASIC design, product management, sales, marketing, global operator business strategies, and now in Standardization & Research, she has developed a deep understanding of technology evolution, market trends, operator dynamics and vertical domain requirements.

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