Title: Nokia 5G Microwave webinar: Evolution of network topologies and Nokia Wavence solutions

Time: On demand

Duration: 45+15

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With increasing 5G penetration, mobile backhaul network topologies are evolving: shorter links, higher capacity (10G becoming the norm), fewer hops to the fiber PoP, higher densification and the need to minimize equipment footprints.

Join our Webinar to discover how Nokia Wavence addresses these needs through its enriched portfolio.

Particularly in cities, Zero Footprint becomes key, because there is little or no room for indoor equipment. The Wavence NIM (Networking Interface Module) can be mounted on all models of Wavence UBT outdoor transceivers to bring additional capabilities in Full Outdoor configurations, including in nodal scenarios.

Where split-mount configurations are preferred, the MSS-HE service switch offers a very compact solution suitable for high capacity configurations.

We look forward to your participation!

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Corinne Cherpantier
Product Line Manager, Wavence Ultra-Broadband Transceiver
Mobile Networks, Nokia

Corinne Cherpantier is a veteran of wireless communications having starting her engineering career in R&D in the days of GSM, before moving to different roles in Product Management, Product Strategy and Business Support, along with the transition towards new generations of mobile radio. She joined microwave communications 8 years ago as Product Manager in short haul. She resides in France.

Andrea Sandri
Product Line Manager, Wavence Microwave Transmission
Mobile Networks, Nokia

Andrea Sandri started his career in R&D with a focus on system specs, ASIC/FPGA, and computer simulations for digital radio links. In this period he earned five US/EU patents, published two papers on IEEE ‘Transactions On’, plus various others in IEEE Conferences. After 15 years in various positions in R&D he moved to Network Design, leading for four years the team in charge of microwave radio path design. He subsequently moved to the current position within the Microwave Transmission Product Management. Andrea served as a telecom technical officer in the Italian Navy for one year, and holds a degree in Electronic Engineering, Universita’ di Pisa, Italy.

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Tamas Madarasz
Transport Solutions Marketing
Mobile Networks, Nokia

Tamas Madarasz leads Marketing for Nokia’s Mobile Networks Transport Solutions. Thanks to various sales and marketing roles he has gathered more than 15 years experience in wireless/wireline transport technologies.