Title: The Why and How of Getting Smart in Manufacturing

Time: On demand

Duration: 90 mins

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Is Belgium ready for its Industry 4.0 future? In our complimentary session The why and how of getting smart in manufacturing, Agoria and Nokia will discuss how the 4th industrial revolution is happening across the globe, driven by digitalization and leveraging pervasive wireless networking, enabled by 4.9G and 5G.

  • Welcome, Emmanuelle Pierrard, Nokia
  • Belgium needs manufacturing,  Ben Van Roose, Agoria
  • Evolution & solutions, Steven Van Den Bergh, Nokia
  • Examples & experience, Thomas Hainzel, Nokia
  • Q&A session, Emmanuelle Pierrard and Ben Van Roose

To remain competitive, Belgian industries look to increase efficiency and quality whilst reducing costs. They need the agility to respond to changing customer requirements and maintain a short time to market. New technologies must ensure worker safety, be reliable and address security risks, data protection and privacy concerns.

Please register to hear more and find out how private 4.9G and 5G networks can help you be smarter, safer and more productive by mobilizing your manufacturing operations and maximizing your business output.

Topics Covered
  • State of the manufacturing union in Belgium

  • Technology solutions for business evolution

  • The future is now - case studies

  • Q&A

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Ben Van Roose
Manager Manufacturing

Ben has worked with and in industry for over more than 30 years and experienced various aspects of industry from the inside as well as from the outside. He joined Agoria in 2014 and represents, together with a great team, the interests of the Manufacturing Industries (the Manufacturing Matters) in Belgium and abroad.

Steven Van Den Bergh
Customer Solution Architect, Enterprise Benelux

Steven Van Den Bergh has worked in the telecoms industry for over twenty years, with experience in wireless and wireline technologies.

Since 1.5 years he is working as Customer Solution Architect for the Nokia Enterprise organization in Benelux, with focus on Manufacturing and Logistics segment.

Thomas Hainzel
Head of EMEA Manufacturing & Logistics

Thomas Hainzel, Head of EMEA Manufacturing & Logistics at Nokia Enterprise, leads the business development and segment sales for factory digitalization, smart manufacturing and supply chains, and Industrial IoT including infrastructure, application and service solutions. He currently focuses on private wireless networks and 4G/5G technologies.

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Emmanuelle Pierrard
Head of Sales, Benelux

Emmanuelle Pierrard is managing all Enterprise business for Nokia in the Benelux.

She joined the company in 1997 and held multiple sales and consulting positions worldwide, serving both operators and industries. She continuously drove the newest technologies in international top-tier environments. She is passionate about innovation, stands for a scientific drive and structured approach with a strong business acumen for bringing value to customers.

Based in Antwerp, she currently leads Nokia’s ambition to leverage its global best practices for the digitalization and automation of industries in the Benelux.