Title: 5G Smart Manufacturing Summit

Date: On Demand

Duration: 1 hour 15 min presentation and 15 min Q&A

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Is your factory ready for its Industry 4.0 future? Join us for the 5G Smart Manufacturing Summit 3-day event, which offers daily 90-minute sessions including an interactive Q&A with industry leaders who are shaping the future of network solutions for manufacturers. The summit is comprised of presentations, demonstrations, case studies and a panel discussion, covering the following topics:

Session 1 - Future of Manufacturing

  • Vision & Strategy for Manufacturing
  • 5G R&D Update
  • 5G Ecosystem Partner Updates
  • Future of Manufacturing

Session 2 - Industrial-Grade Private Wireless for Manufacturing

  • Industrial-grade Private Wireless Networks
  • Smart Manufacturing Real-World Demonstrations
  • Telent Manufacturing Case Study
  • Nokia Conscious Factory of the Future

Session 3 - Use Cases Beyond Network Connectivity

  • Nokia Manufacturing Solutions
  • Nokia Digital Automation Cloud Applications
  • Guest Speaker Case Studies:
    • Microsoft (Azure) Cloud
    • Fraunhofer IPA
    • Others
  • Roundtable Panel on 5G Factory of the Future – Challenges and Opportunities

Topics Covered

  • Event Topic 1

  • Event Topic 2

  • Event Topic 3

  • Event Topic 4

  • Event Topic 5

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Andrew Caveney - EMEIA Consulting Markets and Solutions Leader, EY
Steven Dietrich - Master of Science, Bosch Rexroth
Fabian Haag - Master of Science, Fraunhofer IPA
Katarina Heining - Senior Industry Executive Manufacturing, Microsoft
Philipp Kesten - Sr. Director Field Engineering CER, PTC
Harald Kraft - Network Design Consultant, Telent
Rüdiger Scholz - Manufacturing Lead, Vodafone
Steven Dietrich - Master of Science, Bosch-Rexroth
Tuuli Ahava - Director Application Program, Nokia
Jochen Apel - Head of Manufacturing Segment Sales, Nokia
Martin Beltrop - Senior Director Portfolio Management, Nokia
Ken Budka, PhD - Senior Partner, Nokia Bell Labs Consulting
Stephane Daeuble - Head of Solution Marketing, Nokia
Ulrich Dropmann - Head of Standardization, Nokia
Erno Marjakangas - Head of Manufacturing Solutions, Nokia
Mikko Nissi - Head of Production Capability, Nokia
Peter Rost - Research Project Manager, Nokia

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Eleftherios Papadopoulos - Head of Enterprise Sales - Germany, Nokia
Harry Kaib - Head of Field Marketing - Germany, Nokia
Thomas Hainzel - Head of EMEA Manufacturing & Logistics, Nokia