Title: Private LTE solutions for Broadband eLearning

Time: 12:00 EDT

Duration: 1 hour

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The COVID-19 pandemic has moved the emphasis to on-line learning. Students and teachers now require broadband connectivity to support eLearning. In many demographic areas, students are equipped with broadband. However, in other areas, students do not have or cannot get broadband services. Nokia has developed a cost-efficient wireless solution leveraging the free LTE spectrum that the FCC released recently called CBRS OnGo.

Topics Covered
  • CBRS OnGo Private LTE as a Solution for E-Learning broadband connectivity

  • How to provide a wireless solution that monitors and controls student usage and devices

  • How a PLTE CBRS OnGo wireless network can be used for many school applications such as IP cameras on school buses, Smart Building IoT and many others, thus leveraging your investment beyond remote broadband connectivity for students and teachers

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Ray Sabourin
Business Development Private Wireless Networks for Enterprise

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