Title: Creating economic efficiencies for bridging the digital divide

Time: On demand

Duration: 1 hour

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Learn how utilities can empower rural communities with broadband access services

The Rural Development Opportunity Fund (RDOF) presents a unique opportunity to bring broadband access to millions of Americans and help rural communities thrive. Utilities are ideally positioned to capitalize on this opportunity and fulfill their responsibility to provide technologies that make society smarter, safer and better.

Watch this UTC webinar by Nokia and LUS Fiber to discover how building rural broadband networks can enable utilities to create economic efficiencies for bridging the digital divide and help get the economy going again as the US copes with the pandemic.

Topics Covered
  • How rural broadband networks can help restart the US economy

  • How tangent verticals can benefit from rural broadband

  • Key challenges and focus areas for utilities that want to become rural broadband service providers

  • Deployment scenarios and network architectures for rural broadband networks

  • Revenue targets and use cases for rural broadband service providers

  • A real-world success story from LUS Fiber

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Liana Ault
Energy Innovation Lead

Mircea Ciocan
Senior Business Development Manager, Fixed Networks

Ryan Meche, PE
Engineering Manager
LUS Fiber

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