Title: Agile cloud operations with Nokia CloudBand

Time: On demand

Duration: 30 minutes

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In this webinar, we will discuss how CloudBand technology empowers customers for the 5G era, by delivering a high-performance, highly available platform, so that Service Providers can create compelling use cases to drive new business. Discover the strength of the agile and automated solution, promising ease of operation and maintenance. Learn how Nokia invites you to the journey, as you evolve at your own pace from cloud to cloud-native. Nokia’s technology and automation create extraordinary experiences, reduce time-to-market, and drive your long-term business growth.

Topics Covered
  • Requirements for agile cloud operations

  • Nokia CloudBand portfolio (CBND, CBAM, CBIS, NCS)

  • Nokia cloud customer cases

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Lazar Obradovic
Head of Product Cloud

Lazar Obradovic leads the Product Management team for Cloud Products in Nokia Software, where he has been involved since 2011. Under his leadership, the team has revolutionized the NFV industry and delivered large scale deployments, with solid operations and automation. His team is leading customers on a path to 5G, allowing them to consume cloud in a way they prefer: cloud-native, VM, bare metal, centralized or distributed.

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Kari Lehmussaari
Head of Cloud Business

Kari Lehmussaari and his team are part of the Nokia Cloud Products, responsible for the end to end designs and reference cloud configurations, including the life cycle management of the said references. Looking after not only the cloud infrastructure software, but also over the related hardware configurations, networking designs, performance and dimensioning and the application needs which run on top, he has a complete end to end view to the telco cloud in real-life. Kari and his team lead cloud strategy and positioning, working with the PLM leadership team to define cloud direction and the journey towards cloud native.