Title: Smart Factory Automation with UK Private 5G

Time: On demand

Duration: 1 hour

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Today’s manufacturing industry faces fast developments towards factory automation, production optimization and ecosystem digitalization. While a rising demand for productivity, flexibility and customization, as well as safety and sustainability drives business decisions, wireless connectivity often remains as an enabler for innovative manufacturing use cases.

This Nokia webinar provides an outlook of Industry 4.0 trends based on our recent survey results with ABI Research and outlines industrial use cases and its business benefits from both, an overview and Nokia’s best practice view. Coming from private wireless networks based on 4G, the availability of 5G spectrum in the UK, modular core and scalable radio solutions as well as upcoming 5G software features, devices and applications promise additional performance gains for the industry.

Join us in this webinar to experience how to get started with your smart factory digitalization journey with private 5G wireless networks in the UK.

Topics Covered
  • Industry 4.0 trends, business challenges and emerging manufacturing use cases

  • Private wireless networks including 5G capabilities and UK specifics

  • Business benefits, how to get started and roadmap towards 2021 and beyond

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Thomas Hainzel
Head of EMEA Manufacturing

Thomas Hainzel, Head of EMEA Manufacturing & Logistics at Nokia Enterprise, leads the business development and segment sales for factory digitalization, smart manufacturing and supply chains, and Industrial IoT including infrastructure, application and service solutions. He currently focuses on private wireless networks and 4G/5G technologies.

Simon Parry
CTO, Nokia Enterprise UK

Simon Parry has worked in the telecoms industry for over twenty years. He has twenty-something patents from his time as a researcher and developer at Nortel, and later Ciena. His passion is in all the bits of the network you can’t see and don’t think about. Recently he joined Nokia to be the CTO of their Enterprise group in the UK and Ireland.

Dave Nowoswiat
Senior Enterprise Marketing Manager

David E. Nowoswiat is a Sr. Enterprise Marketing Manager with over 25 years of telecom and industry experience in wireless and wireline technologies. He is currently in Nokia’s Enterprise Marketing organization supporting the manufacturing segment in their digitalization initiatives. Dave holds a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Masters in Business Administration from Northeastern University

Phil Cottom
Head of Sales, UK

Phil Cottom, Head of Sales, UK&I Industrial Private Wireless, leads the business development and sales for industrial grade private mobile networks that are powering industry 4.0 today and for the 5G revolution tomorrow, delivering heightened reliability, security and connectivity. He is currently focusing on building the partner and 5G device ecosystem for UK&I.

Phil Cottom
Head of Sales, UK

Phil Cottom, Head of Sales, UK