Title: How to evolve railway cybersecurity from reactive to automated and proactive

Time: On demand

Duration: 1 hour

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The railway industry is in an ongoing digitalization phase for years now. Digitalization not only results in operational benefits, but it also comes with the cost of increased security challenges. These security challenges are overwhelming many railway operators due to lack of resources and increased solution complexity. At the same time, regulations, such as the EU Cybersecurity Strategy, are putting pressure on railway operators to take required actions, while standards such as IEC62443 are evolving to capture railway specific requirements to describe and benchmark best practices.

Today’s manual event handling and siloed approaches are very limited, inefficient, and time consuming. In order to achieve Integrity, confidentiality and availability in mission critical communications networks, a combination of technical controls, processes, procedures, and automation is required.

This webinar will focus on the current industry landscape and the challenges that are pushing railways to increase the use of automated security – including real-time monitoring, central access management and configuration audits – and why this focus is more important in 2020 than ever before. It will conclude with a customer case as a real example.

Topics Covered
  • The criticality of cybersecurity in railways

  • Challenges railway operators are facing in cybersecurity operations

  • Key elements of automated cybersecurity operations

  • Real life deployment example

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Stefan Weidmann
CTO Business Development Transportation EMEA

Faris Al-Katib
Lead Security Consultant

Christian Schlehuber
Manager Governance CyberSecurity / Convenor CLC WG26
Deutsche Bahn AG

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