Title: Get more from your NSP during this challenging time

Time: On demand

Duration: 60 minutes

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Get more from your NSP during this challenging time

Has your network operations center (NOC) staffing been reduced in this challenging time? While we are all hoping for a rapid resolution of the current situation, staff shortages may continue to occur. Being more efficient and effective in the NOC is always important, but it is crucial these days.

Sign up for our on-demand webinar to get tips on how to use your Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) to lower the strain on your NOC and keep the mission-critical communications network running for your critical grid applications.

Our experts use this UTC-hosted webinar to highlight NSP capabilities, including analytics, that can help your NOC team gain better visibility of the network, automate manual tasks and do more remotely. The presenters also answer questions from attendees of the live webinar.

This session will provide the most benefit to those who have a basic understanding of the NSP and how to operate it.

Topics Covered
  • Challenges that arise when the NOC staff must be reduced to a minimum

  • How to use the NSP to address these challenges

  • Specific NSP capabilities that make it easier for your NOC team to maintain safe and reliable communications network operations

  • Other challenges that utilities are facing and how NSP can help

Denis Bouffard
Product Manager

Denis is a product manager for network automation for Nokia’s IP & Optical business unit. He is the lead in supporting the industry market and is also responsible for the Network Services Platform, Analytics and Big Data products. Prior to joining Nokia, Denis spent 13 years in product management roles at various startups (AcceLight, Inkra and Radisys), and 14 years at Nortel in its switching, optical transport and EMS/NMS/OSS divisions. During this time, Denis held various roles in R&D, product management, and project leadership, where his primary focus was management applications in support of the broader Nortel product portfolio. Previous and subsequent to Nortel, Denis held various roles covering diverse products including geographic information systems, optical core switching and virtualized security and load balancing. Denis holds a BMath CS degree from the University of Waterloo and an MBA Diploma from the University of Ottawa.

Greg White
Senior Consulting Engineer and Regional Product Manager

Greg is a senior consulting engineer and regional product manager in Nokia’s IP/Optical Networks, Network Automation Group. Over the last 15 years, he has helped a wide variety of customers in industry segments, including supporting utilities as they transition from legacy to IP/MPLS networks with the Nokia Network Services Platform.