Title: Where does 4G/5G private wireless fit into the Manufacturer’s digitalization journey?

Date: On Demand

Duration: 1 hour

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The Manufacturing sector is on an Industry 4.0 journey to digitalize and automate their facilities and operations. Wirelessly connecting all of their physical assets and employees is a critical step in this digitalization journey.

While there is a steady increase in 4G network deployments and 5G trials in many other industries, for manufacturers 4G/5G deployments are just beginning due in part to technical and business questions and the benefits it provides over other alternatives. Questions such as: When should I consider upgrading to 4G or 5G networking to support my critical operations control network? What are the top use cases where 4G/5G can help me in my digitalization plans?

Nokia and ABI Research sought to find answers to these questions and gain insights into Manufacturing views on 4G/5G networking by conducting a survey of over 600 management level respondents in select countries with the highest GDP% in Manufacturing and in three key vertical segments: Automotive, Consumer Goods and Machinery.

Join us for this webinar in which ABI Research and Nokia will present findings and insights from this survey.

Topics Covered
  • Manufacturing industry top automation and connectivity investment areas in the near term

  • 4G/5G and private networking demand and opportunity

  • Manufacturing industry key challenges in 4G/5G deployments

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Ryan Martin
Principal Analyst
ABI Research

Ryan Martin, Principal Analyst at ABI Research, covers new and emerging transformative technologies, including augmented reality (AR), analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). He currently leads the firm’s industrial Internet and enterprise digitization and workplace automation research. 

Michael Larner
Principal Analyst
ABI Research

Michael Larner, Principal Analyst, is part of ABI Research’s End Markets Team tracking the development and adoption of emerging technologies within the context of smart manufacturing and industrial solutions. Michael’s research focuses on automated material handling, robotics, AI, digital workforce enablement, connectivity technologies on the factory floor as well as the IoT in warehouses and factories.

Dimitris Mavrakis
Research Director
ABI Research

Dimitris Mavrakis, Research Director of Strategic Technologies, manages ABI Research’s telco network coverage, including telco cloud platforms, digital transformation and mobile network infrastructure. Research topics include AI and machine learning technologies, telco software and applications, network operating systems, SDN, NFV, LTE diversity, and 5G. 

David Nowoswiat
Sr. Enterprise Marketing Manager

David E. Nowoswiat is a Sr. Enterprise Marketing Manager with over 25 years of telecom and industry experience in wireless and wireline technologies. He is currently in Nokia’s Enterprise Marketing organization supporting the manufacturing segment in their digitalization initiatives.