Title: Port Automation & Digitalization through LTE/5G Private Wireless Connectivity

Time: On Demand

Duration: 1 Hour

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Port Automation & Digitalization through LTE/5G Private Wireless Connectivity

Container terminals are never static and currently deployed wireless technologies such as WiFi often are challenged to meet reliability and coverage demands in a dynamic physical environment. LTE/5G networks are set to alleviate the connectivity issues that current networks are causing.

Increasing bandwidth and decreasing latency in networks will also enable an increasing number of use cases to work smoothly in the Port environment.

LTE/5G networks will be the foundation for advanced automation and digitalization of ports and container terminals. These new networks are allowing modern ports to be more competitive and prepared for the next age of Industry 4.0 technologies which is critical across all port operations.

Topics Covered

  • Terminal operators discussing their evaluation criteria for this critical network

  • Key case studies of LTE/5G networks deployed and being implemented

  • How LTE/5G can revolutionize digital transformations at ports and terminals

  • How 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) mobile technologies are the flag bearer for wireless communications of the future

Matthias Jablonowski
Head of Maritime

Wim D'haeseleer
Director of Information Technology
TiL Group

Epsilon Ip
General Manager - IT, Head of Enterprise Architecture and Information Security
Hutchison Ports