Title: Looking for OPEX savings? Lower your costs with IP and optical layer coordination

Time: On demand

Duration: 1 hour

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In many networks, the IP and Optical operations staff are split into separate teams using specific tools to operate the individual layers. There is much to be gained by augmenting this operational model with tools which enable efficient, seamless multi-layer operations in IP/optical networks. This can bring a depth and breadth of visibility, navigation, analysis and control which will allow operations to be streamlined - and the network run more efficiently, reducing cost and improving availability of services.

Topics Covered

This session will explore:

  • A set of powerful use cases in multi-layer and cross-domain management and coordination

  • The results of a benefits analysis, conducted by Appledore research, showing potential savings in an operating network

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Francis Haysom
Principal Analyst
Appledore Research

Francis has 25 years of experience in telecoms software. He was responsible for innovation and strategy in Ericsson software solutions and Telcordia; setting the strategic direction for product and customer program delivery. Before Telcordia, he was VP of Architecture at Amdocs/Cramer. As one of the original employees of Cramer, he was responsible for the development of its professional services organization and its strategic deployment architecture. Dr. Haysom received his PhD from the University of Bath and a BSc in Engineering Science from the University of Exeter.

Peter Landon
Director, NSP Product Line Management

Peter Landon is currently a member of Nokia’s NSP Product Management group, focusing on multi-layer SDN solutions. Peter has more than 25 years of experience in system design and product management including senior roles at COMDEV/NASA, Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs, and while at Juniper/BTI Systems, leading the architecture and design of the BTI/Juniper 7800 Series Intelligent Cloud Connect platform.

John Davies
Senior Marketing Manager

John Davies is responsible for maintaining a leading market position for Nokia products and solutions in the area of network management and automation. John has held a number of design, development, product management and marketing roles during his 25 years in the telecommunications and networking industries. He holds a degree in engineering from University of Wales, Institute of Technology.

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