Title: E2E Distributed Cloud puts you back in control

Date: April 9, 2020

Time: On demand

Duration: 45 minutes

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5G’s opportunities and Webscale’s competition require re-architecting as cloud-native in an end-to-end distributed cloud. This way you compete with 5G’s low-latency & ultra-reliability, but also automate and rapidly deliver new services and massive bandwidth for many devices. Learn how Nokia’s E2E Distributed Cloud can help you transform your network, operations, and business.

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Ed Elkin
Cloud Marketing Manager

Ed’s passion is market development, where he focuses on the E2E distributed cloud and the 5G core. Based near Chicago, USA, he’s enthused about telecom helping people and their societies. Otherwise, you can find him hiking, gardening, reading and fixing things. Highlights include Number Portability, Voice over LTE and Telco Cloud’s commercialization. Previous experiences include marketing, sales and systems engineering at Nokia and AT&T Bell Labs, and circumnavigating the world while driving ships as a US Navy officer. He holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering.

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