Title: Operations Journey from CSP into Digital Service Provider

Date: September 24, 2020

Time: 2 p.m. Dubai time

Duration: 45 minutes

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Operations Journey from CSP into Digital Service Provider

How do I scale up Operational capabilities while keeping cost under control to improve margins?

With 5G and the realization of the fourth industrial revolution, service delivery and operations are getting increasingly complex. How do we evolve to machine learning leveraged intent driven closed loop autonomous operations driving business agility and differentiation customer experience.

Topics Covered
  • This webinar covers following topics: Approaches for automation addressing multi technology, multi- vendor legacy systems.

  • How do I address early uses cases of automation focusing on OPEX reduction, quick fault resolution and speed of rollout.

  • What does it take to evolve Operations to address new SLA driven business model with 5G.

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Walter Prior
Head of Digital Operations
Walter Leads Digital Operations Business for Nokia Software He joined Nokia in 2001 holding several roles such as Global Head of Technical Support and Sales Vice President for Latin America, previously to Nokia he has worked for France Telecom and General Electrics. Walter has a Master in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the ISCTE Institute of Lisbon. His solid technical background coupled with business acumen allows him translate capabilities into business outcomes.

Sebastien Boulanger
Nokia SoftWare Consultant – Middle East and Africa

Sebastien joined Nokia in 2000 after an early experience on the CSP side in France. Sebastien started his career in Paris, then moved to South Africa for 14 years and is now based in Belgium. Through the different positions Sebastien worked for, he developed knowledge and experience on Transmission, Fixed and Mobile networks, Core solutions and Software Solutions for Europe, Middle-East and Africa markets.


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Bassim Bennani
Head of Customer Marketing, North and West Africa

Throughout his 18 years’ experience spent mostly in the telecommunications industry, Bassim occupied several positions in marketing, product development and sales both on communications service provider and vendor side. He’s currently leading customer marketing for Nokia in North and West Africa region. He holds a Telecom MSc from INPT Rabat and an MBA from Manchester Business School.