Title: How can pervasive broadband wireless communications optimize your airport operations?

Date: On Demand

Duration: 1 hour

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From take-off to landing, ground handling to the taxi stand — and every point in between — ensuring state-of-the-art services for airlines, delighting a highly mobile passenger base and addressing increasing physical and cyber-security threats are just a few of the challenges that are handled moment by moment in today’s airports. Airports navigate all these challenges, while also meeting competitive on-time metrics and aggressive revenue targets. Yet with Industry 4.0 digital strategies and enabling technologies upon us, airports have a big opportunity to transform. Private wireless technologies (4G/5G) offer new solutions for reliable, high bandwidth, low latency connections throughout the airport operation. Our guest, Vienna International Airport will cover real life learnings and a case study of the digital transformation.

Topics Covered
  • How innovative airports are taking advantage of digital technologies and connectivity options.

  • How these technologies can make your airport operations more connected and efficient.

  • What business models, spectrum options and deployment options are available.

  • How private wireless networks can help you improve operational efficiency and enhance the passenger experience.