Title: Private LTE communications empowering North Sea wind farm

Time: On demand

Duration: 58 minutes

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Private LTE communications empowering North Sea wind farm

To succeed with remote offshore wind farms, operators need reliable wireless networks that can keep vessels, workers, sensors and operations centers connected. Satellite and 3G services can’t meet this need in a cost-effective way. It’s time for wind farm operators to consider industrial-grade private wireless.

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Topics Covered
  • How private LTE networks enhance onboard vessel connectivity, construction and maintenance activities, worker safety, SCADA, crew leisure time entertainment and connectivity at port

  • Catalysts that are transforming communication requirements, such as constructing further offshore, digitizing workflows and utilizing greater automation

  • New use cases enabled by private LTE/5G wireless network solutions, including digital twins, analytics, drones and autonomous vessels

  • How pervasive connectivity enables operators to use IoT sensor data to optimize asset lifecycles

Marc Vereecken
Sales Manager

Marc is an experienced Sales Manager of technical products in a variety of fields, representing nCentric, a specialized company for global wireless solutions for the offshore industry. He is a graduate of Katholieke Hogeschool Brugge-Oostende with a field of study of Electromechanical Engineering Technology.

Senne Van Loon
Solution Architect and Radio Engineer

Senne is a Solutions Architect for private 5G-ready private networks at Citymesh. His focus is network and radio design & optimization for 4G/LTE-5G and project management. Over the past 10 years he gained experience across a wide variety of wireless communication technologies. Senne has a Master of Engineering degree from Universiteit Gent with a field of study of Elektrotechniek.

Daniel Sangines
Regional CTO, Global Energy Practice

Daniel is a regional CTO within the global energy practice at Nokia and is responsible for the renewable energy program. Prior to joining Nokia, he spent over 10 years in the energy space with roles in a smart grid startup developing sensors for distribution networks, as a grid modernization consultant for a well-known consulting firm, and as an OT engineer at two US-based power companies. Daniel holds a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering.