Detailed techno-economic analysis of 3 typical 5G use cases

Nokia 5G Acceleration Services take the guesswork out of 5G business planning

To help you explore the 5G business case, Nokia experts have developed a new simulation tool to run detailed techno-economic analyses of typical 5G use cases.

You’ll learn what will be the true capabilities, costs and benefits of 5G and how 5G investments create new and lucrative services not possible with other technologies.

The key findings of our simulation are:

  • Industry 4.0 factory automation:  ability to simultaneously deliver ultra-low latency and extreme reliability makes 5G the only viable wireless technology for stringent Industry 4.0 factory applications
  • Smart city IoT:  5G reduces signaling substantially compared to LTE, for up to 65 percent lower costs
  • Immersive video delivery at an event:  5G is the only economically feasible technology for delivering high definition multi-feed video to a large number of spectators in a stadium