A master plan for 5G

Five keys to creating the new communications era

Transforming today’s communications to the 5G era

5G is more than just a new wireless radio technology. It is a door opener to new communications possibilities and use cases, many of which are still unknown. Enabled by 5G, a programmable world will transform our lives, economy and society.

Nokia has identified five key aspects that describe how the transformation to 5G will evolve and how it will affect our lives:

  • Possibilities
  • Versatile radio
  • System of systems
  • Practicalities
  • Potentials

This paper outlines the 5G future and describes each of the five keys in detail. It explains how the possibilities will affect every user and industry. It provides insights into how new versatile radios and a programmable, multi-service network will support a variety of uses with diverse service requirements. And it offers a practical phased approach to the transformation that will allow operators to leverage the full potential of 5G.

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