Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) chose an IP/MPLS mission-critical network. Should you?

SBB is renewing its entire data network to support an advanced, future-proof
platform for mission-critical operations, passenger services, and business traffic.


What’s on your mission-critical wish list?

  • Keeping passengers safe and the trains running on time 
  • Finding a technology that handles bandwidth-intensive security applications such as CCTV
  • Taking advantage of the latest security applications
  • Addressing a continuous increase in passenger and freight traffic
  • Having greater flexibility in the deployment of new operational and passenger services
  • Replacing a legacy mission-critical SDH communications network approaching end of life
  • Rationalizing technologies for all networks for higher efficiency and lower TCO

By selecting a mission-critical IP/MPLS network, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is on track to meeting all of these challenges and more. Get the full story in this case study.