Assembling the building blocks of an agile, flexible, scalable network infrastructure

New business needs and upcoming new technologies like 5G and IoT are encouraging telco data center operators to evolve their networks to telco cloud and NFV. Nokia AirFrame is designed to deliver a secure data center with the capacity and latency these new trends demand.

Put innovation at the heart of network planning

Challenge convention, embrace innovation and discover the Nokia AirFrame advantage:

  • Scalability – manage centralized and distributed data centers so you can quickly scale to meet demands with Open Compute Project (OCP server) or rackmount form factors.
  • Flexibility – future-proof your data center with OCP hardware technologies.
  • Agility – reduce latency and backbone traffic, while optimizing the performance of critical workloads to meet business demands.
  • Efficiency – OCP helps you reduce data center costs of power and cooling, and increase automation for ease of management.
  • Innovation – run common cloud applications alongside demanding telco cloud applications to generate revenue by providing data center infrastructure for your customers’ applications.
  • Nokia's Cloud wise services – access our wide professional services expertise on data centre design, build, integration, management and operations.
  • Nokia AirFrame – designed to build core cloud architecture for data center operators to implement their Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) solutions.
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