Optimal Wi-Fi performance leads to significant cost savings

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Enhance Customer Experience with Optimized Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is fast becoming the most popular way to deliver residential Internet services. In fact, according to ABI Research, the total number of wireless access points shipped will surpass 204 million units by 2020.

The added complexity of these devices, often sourced from various vendors, is challenging operators to adapt the way they manage Wi-Fi customer experience. Forward thinking business leaders can now utilize a comprehensive, analytics and self-organizing technology (SON) based approach
 to Wi-Fi service assurance and customer care.

The benefits of deploying such a technology include:

  • More stable Wi-Fi connections
  • Increased Wi-Fi performance
  • Fewer Wi-Fi related help desk calls

Read the white paper to learn how the patent-pending process developed by Nokia empowers a strategy for optimizing performance of wireless access points.