Smartfren Indonesia: making TDD-FDD convergence a success

Smartfren Indonesia: making TDD-FDD convergence a success

As mobile broadband demand continues to soar, operators everywhere are looking for ways to increase network capacity and coverage.

Smartfren, a top-tier Indonesian operator, expects the number of smart devices in Indonesa to grow from 50 million to 100 million in 2018. To meet such demand and help it prepare for the 5G era, Smartfren adopted a strategy of converging TDD and FDD radio technologies to give it a fast, cost-effective boost in its capabilities.

In this webinar we'll describe the market challenges facing Smartfren, how it implemented its TDD-FDD convergence initiative, and its impact on subscribers.

Topics Covered

  • Overview of Indoneisa's fast-growing market
  • A strategy to jump to 4G LTE
  • TDD-FDD Convergence aims and executuion
  • Results of the strategy

Target Audience

Anyone looking for effective ways to meet fast-growing mobile broadband, and with a particular interest in technology convergence.


Stefan Kreyssig

Customer Solution Manager


Stefan Kreyssig joined Nokia in 1994 as a Radio Engineer and accumulated 20 years' experience of radio technology and its deployment across South East Asia. He brings deep insight from his time in many countries including Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and others. He has worked with Smartfren since 2014.

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