Path to 5G

Path to 5G

The industry has been talking about the development of 5G for years. Progress has been excellent, but what more needs to be done? And are we on track for the first commercial deployments by 2020 or even sooner?

Join us for our expert webinar: Path to 5G. We will be looking at the coming revolution in business models that 5G will bring. We’ll update you on today’s status of 5G standardization and reveal the results of several technology trials.

Find out what steps will be needed to transition from 4.5G Pro to commercial 5G. And we’ll explain how Nokia can help you ensure you take the shortest, easiest path to 5G. So do please join us.

Get expert insight on these topics:

  • The 5G business rationale – is it worth investing?
  • Evolution and revolution - how do we get to 5G?
  • State of the industry – are we on track with 5G?
  • Take action - what‘s needed next to make 5G a commercial reality?


Volker Ziegler

Head of 5G Leadership, Chief Architect, Nokia Mobile Networks


Volker Ziegler leads and orchestrates the 5G era Nokia Mobile Networks technology, innovation and architecture; drives roadmap alignment for 5G differentiation and growth across Nokia Mobile Networks and other business groups in close cooperation with e2e Mobile Networks sales; he assures landing zone for Bell Labs innovation and; maximizes 5G impact with customers, partners and SDOs.

Robert Lammel

Head of Business Development


Robert Lammel's area of responsibility covers Go-to-market and Business Models. He is instrumental to translate strategy into portfolio, manages ROI and R&D intensity.

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