Win in 3G, be ready for 5G

Win in 3G, be ready for 5G

Nokia is extending its AirScale Cloud RAN capabilities to 3G/WCDMA. Why? Well we recognise its ongoing importance as a key technology. It's forecast that a staggering 3.4 billion customers will still be using 3G networks in 2020. So, investing in WCDMA makes sense and using a future proof platform even more so.

How can you best direct your spending on network infrastructure to secure years of valuable revenue from 3G, while also ensuring those same investments continue to work with future mobile network technologies? The answer is to apply the same cloud technologies that widely support today’s 4G networks and will ensure the success of future 5G technologies. Scalable cloud-based infrastructure transforms the 3G Radio Network Controller (RNC) from a potential traffic bottleneck into flexible capacity, which scales with changing demand and lowers overall costs. Its inherent flexibility means that when the requirements of the network change over time its function can be changed to meet those new requirements.

Topics Covered

  • Why it’s essential to modernize 3G radio network controllers
  • What to consider when deciding on network infrastructure investments
  • How leveraging Cloud technology, once the domain of the Core, can also benefit the radio network
  • How cloud-based RNCs efficiently meet changing capacity (and flexibility in network Changes, e.g. shift of capacities to 4G and 5G)
  • How Nokia AirScale RNC can future-proof your network and cut costs.


Darrell Davies

Senior Product Marketing Manager


Darrell Davies, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mobile Networks, looks after a range of product and technology areas at Nokia. Darrell has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a wealth of telecommunications industry experience.

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