Service Provider PSTN Migration

PSTN migration will become an urgent issue over the next five years. Service providers need to plan now to avoid significant challenges as PSTN approaches end-of-life.

Delaying a decision on PSTN migration is no longer an option.

The subject of PSTN migration has switched from “if” to “when”. With declining usage, soaring costs and a looming 2020 end-of-life horizon for PSTN equipment, leading analyst firm Ovum believes PSTN migration can no longer wait.

In this exclusive executive summary, Service Provider PSTN Migration, Ovum outlines the benefits of beginning PSTN transformation now – and the risks of delaying. Ovum also makes 3 key recommendations for service provider action.

Download the executive summary to learn how a timely PSTN migration project:

  • Boosts OPEX and ARPU
  • Aligns with next-generation access deployments
  • Protects and enhances voice revenues
  • De-risks PSTN end-of-life uncertainties