Communications and the Digital Transformation of Enterprise

Communications and the Digital Transformation of Enterprise

Many enterprises have already adopted some form of digital transformation – taking advantage of new technologies to radically improve their performance or reach. In most cases, this has focused on moving to the cloud, leveraging big data or improving the customer experience. But, to achieve a successful digital transformation, enterprises also need to transform their communications infrastructure -- which is easier said than done.

Join us for an interactive webinar on digital transformation and communications with Irwin Lazar of Nemertes Research and Mike Lambert of Nokia. You’ll gain insights on:

  • Why it is important to adopt new cloud-based communications technologies as they emerge
  • How an enterprise can manage a federation of services to maximize the benefits of collaboration tools
  • The need to control the architecture to ensure security and privacy of communications
  • The importance of leveraging plug and play services for agility in adapting to changing needs and opportunities
  • Ways to simplify business processes with communications to empower the lines of business.


Irwin Lazar

Vice President and Service Director

Nemertes Research

Irwin Lazar is currently the Vice President & Service Director for Nemertes Research, where he manages research projects, conducts primary research and advises clients. For over 15 years, Irwin has covered the communications and collaboration space as an analyst, sought-after speaker, author, and blogger for, Enterprise Connect, Interop and many more.

Mike Lambert

Senior Director, Product Management and Go-to-Market for Nokia Unified Communications and Collaboration


Mike Lambert is responsible for the vision, roadmap, ecosystem partnerships and go-to-market for Nokia Rapport Enterprise Communications. Previously, Mike held roles in product management, sales and marketing at Nortel Networks and Ditech Networks. Mike has deep experience in the communications industry with both a technical and market understanding of VoIP, video, unified communications and wireless technologies for enterprise and consumer markets.

Brendan Ziolo

Head of Communications and Collaboration Marketing, Applications and Analytics


Brendan Ziolo has almost 20 years of experience in the communications, network and security industries, having held senior roles at Sipera Systems, Certicom, TimeStep, Kindsight and Alcatel-Lucent. Today, Brendan is responsible for Nokia’s strategic initiatives to position the company as a leading provider of communications and networking solutions for large enterprises and service providers.

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